Welcome to the Kid's Page!


This  page is for the younger folks.

I wonder what you all might like to see here, so send me a little note in an email or come by the library if you have some ideas.

Book news? Games? Art?

Maybe some ideas on better times for the Library to be open?

I'll be glad to consider your ideas.

Games to play

Here are some links to a few games I like to play, you might like them too! :)

Giraffe Above - Help Jerry the giraffe eat all the apples in the tree without getting his neck in a knot.

Must pop words, a spelling game by Bart Bonte

Anika's Odyssey - a little girl's adventure - a beautiful game!

Blocks with Letters On - one of my favorites

Zeba - a cute little dragon puzzle game

Word Vine - connect words in logical ways


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