I don't know if people read these blog post, however, I write here for my own vanity/ego ;-)

At last month board meeting i revealed that I surpassed the daily tally(from 2021) for our services. I double nearly every single number, in one case tripled. Some services weren't provided in previous years, so it'll be up to me to surpass those numbers next year. We finally have wi-fi and you can renew license stickers here as well. I may be patting myself on there back a bit much. However, after having no career for over 5 years it's been exhilarating to find something and change everything for the positive. Don't ever give up people. It's always darkest before the dawn and you need the bad in life to appreciate the good. 
Have a good autumn I'll post again in December.

P.S. Come check out a book I'd love to see you!